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What Nitric Oxide Has to Do With Weight Loss

What Nitric Oxide Has to Do With Weight Loss

The arrival of the new year is traditionally seen as a chance to transform past habits. Among the usual annual goals is the desire to shed extra pounds and get into better shape. A recent poll on Americans’ new year’s resolutions saw about 17% of the participants set weight loss as an objective throughout the year.

At any given time, however, managing your weight for personal or health reasons is never a bad idea. But before you succumb to diet fads that falsely promise quick and easy results, consider tapping into the untapped yet otherwise effective resource that can help you lose weight naturally: nitric oxide. Read on to find out:


  • How nitric oxide affects weight loss


  • How a healthy weight influences nitric oxide production


  • How to maximize weight loss through nitric oxide


Effect of nitric oxide on weight loss

For starters, nitric oxide (NO) is a compound that serves as a vasodilator in the body’s cardiovascular system. Suppose blood vessels are freeway systems that transport oxygen, fatty acids, and nutrients to the rest of the body. In that case, nitric oxide regulates the smooth flow of traffic by signaling arteries to relax and expand.

By increasing circulation upon its release, nitric oxide optimizes the body’s metabolic rate and stimulates fat burning for weight loss. To further illustrate, a study was conducted on mice fed with a high-fat diet to induce obesity and insulin resistance. When nitric oxide was locally delivered, glucose tolerance improved, and the size of fat cells was reduced—leading to an overall decrease in body weight compared to the control group.

Nitric oxide production aided by weight loss

The relationship between nitric oxide and weight loss is reciprocal. While natural nitric oxide production can decline as one ages, successful and long-term weight loss has been found to improve vascular endothelial function, especially among severely obese individuals.

Endothelium refers to the cells that line the blood vessels and are responsible for keeping these vessels healthy through nitric oxide production. Moreover, weight-loss exercises like aerobics and resistance training increase endothelial vasodilation and, by extension, keep the body’s nitric oxide at optimal levels.

Ways to maximize weight loss benefits of nitric oxide

Now that we’ve got the science behind nitric oxide, how do you maximize its benefits for weight loss and overall physical health?

Personalized weight loss program

You may naturally produce nitric oxide, but the simplest way to ensure you get the right amount that your body needs is by consuming it as a part of your normal diet. Weight loss programs can be personalized so you can build and follow a diet plan that systematically includes foods that boost nitric oxide. This includes food ranging from leafy greens with high nitrate content to citrus fruits that allow greater absorption of nitric oxide through vitamin C. With the help of a dietitian, you can even track your meal choices and portion sizes to lose weight through nitric oxide and even manage underlying conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Nitric oxide-rich recipes

To strengthen your adherence to your nitric oxide-rich diet, why not prepare your own food and drinks? A previous article on boosting nitric oxide production features go-to recipes that use ingredients like kale, arugula, and red beet for NO-friendly smoothies and salad bowls! It is also recommended that your recipes incorporate minimal cooking methods, as raw food intake can help you maximize nitric oxide availability.


Aside from a healthy diet, supplements can reinforce the weight loss benefits of nitric oxide while also doing wonders for your skin, hair, nails, and vitality. Ultimate Beauty Health offers products like REJUVENATION/REJUVENATION 40+ and RECOVERY PRO/RECOVERY to aid with heightening nitric oxide production and ensure that you age healthily and beautifully. For more information about these products, visit Ultimate Beauty Health’s official website.

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