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At the beginning of the global beauty industry, iconic entrepreneurial women such as Estee Lauder and Mary Kay developed the largest cosmetics and skin care firms in the United States and around the globe from scratch.

I believe these women did not underestimate a woman’s desire for beauty and set out to inspire women everywhere to be the best they could be.

Today, women are choosing lifestyle and health as a part of their overall beauty routine. These women are willing to be patient with results. They know that real beauty is built on product quality, and that healthy aging is indeed a lifestyle choice for the longer term.

Our company, Ultimate Beauty Health started out with a vision to help people feel better and look better.  Our nutricosmetic supplements offers a healthy support option by offering a nutritional approach.

The journey to healthy living each decade of life can be very challenging.  It takes commitment, hard work, support from family, friends and community. 

I want to put the truth back into beauty. It is about lifestyle and taking care of ourselves as best as we can. Let’s call it like it is, our beauty is generated from within and is directly tied to nutrition and health.

Most good things in life take time. There is so much to our personal stories. I look forward to hearing about yours. 

TruBeauty HeartP. Alden, Founder      

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