Halle Berry

What she said

"I believe good health and wellness is

what real beauty is all about."


What does NON-GMO mean?  Let’ start with what GMO is - a–genetically modified organism.  Much of the global supply of corn, otherwise known as maize have strains genetically engineered to achieve agriculturally useful traits, this includes resistance to pests and to herbicides.  NON-GMO means non-genetically modified.

The ingredients used in Rejuvenation are not modified.

Gluten Free

Gluten has no nutritional value and can cause damage to the lining of the small intestines for people with Celiac.  The gluten triggers an autoimmune response causing inflammation.  This results in the body not absorbing nutrients into the bloodstream properly. 

Rejuvenation supports the body’s ability to absorb the supplement’s nutrients into the bloodstream through the Nitric Oxide “pathway.” 

The ingredients used in Rejuvenation are Gluten-FREE.

Clean Ingredients

Rejuvenation uses natural ingredients including
an organic turmeric and cinnamon.

TruBeauty’s Rejuvenation is NOT
• Synthetically produced
• Toxic or Chemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Extracted using genetically engineered petrochemicals

1998 Nobel prize Winner

"Nitric Oxide, more than any other single factor, maybe the key to living a longer healthier life."

Dr. Ignarro

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Beauty from the inside out

Nitric Oxide Rejuvenation

TruBeauty supplement products target the convergence of beauty and health from the inside-out. 

Since skin, nails, and hair are the last places to receive nutrients, our unique delivery system supports nutritional uptake and absorption for effective results.

90% of supplement vitamins on the market today are synthetic, therefore we use natural, NON-GMO and gluten free ingredients in our formulas. 

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