The Tru Story

Science-backed supplements.
Delivered through our
bodies’ nitric oxide pathway.
Cultivating beauty from the inside out.
This is our Tru Story. 

Truth in Beauty

Our founder and CEO Priscilla Alden B. created Ultimate Beauty Health and the TruBeauty Science PRO wholesale line with a simple yet comprehensive goal: provide people with high-quality nitric oxide-boosting supplements to support beauty and healthy aging from the inside out. 

You’ll often hear Priscilla say, “We believe truth in beauty needs to be told." 

We believe that our beauty is generated from within the body and is directly tied to our nutrition and health. We want to empower our customers with this knowledge of health, and challenge today’s current beauty standards. People turn to Botox, fillers, and cosmetic surgery. How about we add another option?

integrated beauty women

We want to inspire our customers to think of pursuing integrated beauty with a holistic approach. Beauty cultivation is a combination of health-forward factors—a balanced diet, good sleep habits, ample hydration, exercise, care for your mental and spiritual health, and smart supplementation, especially as we age. 

And when it comes to smart supplementation, why do we use the science of nitric oxide?

Because nitric oxide is a hero molecule that is critical for life. 

The discovery of nitric oxide as a “miracle molecule” won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998. This discovery is what Ultimate Beauty Health is built on. 

We’re not just providing functional nutrition and supplements. By helping increase blood flow, nitric oxide supplementation can help boost your immune system and optimize absorption of essential nutrients. It also decreases oxidation rates in the body. This is especially important because as we age, our bodies decline in nitric oxide production.

Unlike any other nitric oxide supplement on the market, Ultimate Beauty Health leverages the body’s nitric-oxide pathway to deliver a uniquely synergistic combination of natural ingredients.  And, these ingredients help support the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide and absorb essential nutrients that help stimulate beauty from within.

Our Ultimate Beauty consumer line and TruBeauty Science Pro lines feature the same two products: REJUVENATION, a nitric oxide-boosting multivitamin, and RECOVERY, a “collagen activator”. These are nutricosmetics for general health and beauty with purpose.

And rest assured—our plant-powered products are non-chemical, non-toxic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and non-synthetic. Our supplements are filled in vegan capsules and our products are never tested on animals.

Are you ready to forge a new path to
beauty and wellness rooted in truth?
If so, we invite you to let us help you write your own Tru Story.  

Our Values + Certifications

Ultimate Beauty ceritifcations


Ultimate Beauty Health products are proudly produced in an NSF-certified lab. This is your assurance that our nitric oxide-boosting product ingredients have been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and regulatory agencies worldwide.

Indigenously Sourced

Our high-quality, natural proprietary ingredients are indigenously sourced to retain the maximum level of efficacy in every bottle. Our products are blended, filled, certified, and packaged in the United States. 

Clean Ingredients

Each vegan capsule of our REJUVENATION and RECOVERY contains a unique synergistic combination of natural ingredients that are non-GMO, gluten-free, non-chemical, toxic, or synthetic. 

Ethical and Fair Business Practices

The company adheres to sustainable principles through its commitment to ethical and fair business practices, which includes the company’s strategic partnerships with formulators and lab production of its proprietary “recipes."

Our Hero | Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide benefits

Nitric oxide is essential
for overall health.

Unlike any other nitric oxide supplement on the market, Ultimate Beauty Health leverages the body’s nitric oxide pathway to deliver a uniquely synergistic combination of natural ingredients that help promote the body’s ability in the absorption of essential nutrients and activates nitric oxide support. 

Nitric oxide is a key messenger molecule in the cardiovascular system that works as a vasodilator, signaling blood vessels to relax and expand, which can increase blood flow and oxygenation.

Learn more about the science of nitric oxide and how it works. 


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