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Nutricosmetic supplements for health and beauty

Our Ultimate Beauty consumer-retail and TruBeauty Science Pro wholesale supplements are formulated as nutricosmetics — science-based nutritional supplements designed to deliver beauty and healthy aging benefits with an emphasis on skin, hair, nails, and overall wellness from the inside out. Taken orally, they are designed for health and cosmetic benefits. 

Why is this important to us?

As we get older, the capacity of our building blocks for cellular health begins to break down. This, and the loss of hormones, can cause our skin to wrinkle, thin out our hair, and lead to bone density loss. There are many aspects to addressing each of these challenges. 

We begin with nutricosmetics to rebuild cellular health before the cells break down. The intention is to counteract our natural aging process by slowing it down. 

Quote from the founder Priscilla Alden

Most beauty products are primarily designed to enhance skin at the surface level. They don’t address the building blocks within the body that keep us looking healthier and feeling more vibrant. Additionally, most vitamins on the market today are synthetic, which our body views as a foreign substance and excretes out (including the potential benefits).

Surface-level and synthetic solutions will not bring about the change we need!

Our science-based products boost the nutritional uptake and delivery of a synergistic blend of natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients, utilizing the body’s nitric oxide pathway as a delivery mechanism through healthy blood flow.

REJUVENATION nitric oxide-boosting MULTIVAMIN supports healthy blood flow which is good for your skin, and vitality. The nutrients promote skin cell renewal, healthier hair and nails.   

RECOVERY w/Folate COLLAGEN ACTIVATOR helps natural collagen synthesis for your skin, connective tissue, bone, and eye health. It also includes a good dose of B12.

Ditch the synthetic “solutions” and let REJUVENATION and RECOVERY nutricosmetics help you look and feel better from the inside out!

Happy woman after using Rejuvenation multivitamin
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