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Seven Reasons Why Nitric Oxide Boosting Supports Your Health: The Evidence

Seven Reasons Why Nitric Oxide Boosting Supports Your Health: The Evidence

There continues to be much talk surrounding beauty and health supplementation, vitamins, collagen, nutricosmetics, and nutraceuticals.  

Confused? Yes, it can be. What we do know, is that ingredient sourcing, absorption, and formulating are all key components in the process.  One without the other, and you may not have a product that can offer a benefit.

We are writing this blog to address seven reasons our team has researched over decades of studies since the nitric oxide molecule was discovered in 1998. In fact, the three amazing scientists that discovered (NO) were awarded a Nobel Prize.

Since that time, over 50,000 studies have taken place.  Let’s explore the following evidence-based studies for why boosting (NO) will support your health:

1,) NO Reverses Aging

Gad MZ. Anti-Aging Effects of L-Arginine. Journal of Advanced Research, 2010. 1(3):169-177.

This is a review article on L-arginine that discusses its general properties (what it does in the body, the pharmacology, and why it is used as a supplement). It mentions a limited study on L-arginine and anti-aging. The most noticeable changes with supplementation seemed to be deepness of sleep, muscular performance, delay in mental exhaustion, and general mood. 

2.) Enhances Memory and Cognitive Functions

Paul V, Ekambaram P. Involvement of Nitric Oxide in Learning & Memory Processes. Indian Journal of Medical Research, 2011. 133(5):471-478.

A review article that discusses NO and the effects of its precursor, donors, and inhibitors of NO synthesis in various animals including mammals. It also discusses learning and memory impairment in humans and animals due to defective NO activity in the brain in pathological conditions like epilepsy, stress, diabetes.

3.) Increases Energy Production

Nisoli E, Carruba  MO. Nitric Oxide and Mitochondrial Biogenesis. Journal of Cell Science, 2006. 119:2855-2862.

An article on the important role NO plays in mitochondrial biology. NO acts upon mitochondria directly and indirectly. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of a cell; they produce energy for the cell and various biological functions. The impairment of mitochondrial function is associated with neurodegenerative diseases, neuromuscular disorders, liver and heart failure, and diabetes.

4.) Increased Nutrient Uptake in the body

Luiking YC, Engelen MPKJ, Deutz NEP. Regulation of Nitric Oxide Production in Health and Disease. Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care, 2010. 13(1):97-104.

A review article examining the regulating factors of NO production in health and disease. NO is involved in a variety of biological functions. Great schematic of the NO synthesis pathway; it shows the enzymatic (how majority of NO is produced by NOS) and the non-enzymatic pathways. Great chart showing dietary factors (dietary protein, L-arginine, citrulline, glucose, fats, minerals, etc.) that regulate NO production and how they relate to diseases.


How Nitric Oxide Works in the Body


5.) Increases Blood Flow to Organs

Santos-Parker JR, Strahler TR, Bassett CJ, Bispham NZ, Chonchol MB, Seals DR. Curcumin Supplementation Improves Vascular Endothelial Function in Healthy Middle-Aged and Older Adults by Increasing Nitric Oxide Bioavailability and Reducing Oxidative Stress. Aging, 2017. 9(1):187-208.

A study done in humans showing that curcumin supplementation improved resistance artery function and this was due to an increase in NO bioavailability and a decrease in vascular oxidative stress. Resistance artery function declines with age, so this study can also be used as a link in the anti-aging section too.

6) Enhances Oxygen Flow

Since nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which allows the blood vessels to relax, and expand, this in turn permits blood, nutrients and oxygen to flow throughout every part of your body.

7.) How Nitric Oxide Works – Summary Video

Other ways to increase (NO)? 

Eating Foods Rich in Nitrates – Leafy greens, and Beetroot.

Exercise supports the blood vessels and your body’s natural ability to produce (NO).

TruBeauty’s Nitric Oxide Rejuvenation as a dietary supplement contains antioxidants, and the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline These ingredients are used to produce nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide quote - Dr Ignarro

Copyright May2019 UBH
Research by: Sayaka Eguchi, PhD. John Hopkins Medical University


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