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How Nitric Oxide Works


Nitric oxide is critical for our bodies.  Without it, we can’t live.  In fact, the loss of nitric oxide has been linked to cardiovascular health and has been called the greatest discovery in cardiovascular medicine. (Reference: American Heart Association).

(N-O) signals our blood vessels to relax, helping to dilate the arteries and increase circulation.  It is essential to our very existence.  While it’s abundant in our body’s system, it is unstable and depletes, thus requiring replenishment. 

(N-0) is a gas composed of one atom of nitrogen bonded to one atom of oxygen. This serves as a critical signaling molecule in the cardiovascular and circulatory system.  That means it affects absolutely every function in our bodies- it’s at the foundational core because without circulation, none of our body’s other systems can work as intended. 

Dubbed the “miracle molecule”, the discovery won the Nobel Prize in 1998.  This discovery is what Ultimate Beauty health is built on. We’re not just providing functional nutrition and supplements.  We aspire to bring knowledge and understanding of the importance of (N-O) to the world.

AGE – We already know our bodies change as we age.  This is true for the nitric oxide levels in the body, as well.  By the time we reach 40, studies have shown that we only produce about half or less of the nitric oxide we did at age 20.  There’s also a difference when it comes to gender: by 40, men produce about 50% of the (N-0) they did in their teens and twenties.  Women, however, only produce about 35% of what they did in their twenties at age 50.  Yet, our ability to produce and generate nitric oxide within the body is a key element of a healthy body.  This means having an effective strategy to maintain optimal levels is critical because if affects how every cell in our body communicates with each other. 


Physical exercise is the most potent stimulator of nitric oxide production and is considered one of the top strategies for supporting overall cardiovascular health. When we don’t exercise, we lose that important signal that tells our body to make more! As a result, the enzyme that makes (N-0) becomes dysfunctional.  This can lead to additional (N-0) deficiency.  The good news is that once we begin to exercise, we may regain the functionality of that important enzyme and begin to stimulate more nitric oxide production. 

Exercise and Nitric Oxide


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