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Self-Care tips to reach that inside-out glow

5 Self-Care Tips to Help You Glow Inside and Out: Guest Author Julie Morris

When you’re paying attention to your mental and physical health, and you’re prioritizing self-care, it shows. Caring for your body and mind allows you to look your best and feel great! If you want to change your lifestyle to support your emotional and physical wellbeing, these tips can help!

 Try Working from Home

 Does your daily commute stress you out? Do you feel like you never have enough time for yourself on weekdays? Working from home could be the solution. Even if you’re not able to work from home every day, spending just a couple of days each week working remotely could be a breath of fresh air. There’s so much you can do with your additional free time, from sleeping in to working out to cooking delicious meals. You’ll also get to enjoy downtime with your family!

Connect With an Online Therapist

Have you been overwhelmed by stress and anxiety lately? Sometimes, the way you feel on the inside can affect the way you look on the outside. If you’ve been exceptionally stressed out, you might benefit from connecting with a therapist online. Virtual therapy is convenient for people with busy schedules, and everything you say will still remain private. By pursuing therapy online, you’ll have access to a wider range of mental health professionals with different specializations. Online therapy is generally quite affordable - in fact, most online therapists will let you book a free consultation before scheduling your first appointment.

 Keep Up with Skin Care

 Everyone's skin is different, so there's no single "right" way to take care of it. However, there are some basic steps that everyone should follow. Wash your face every morning and night with a gentle cleanser. Be sure to remove all makeup before washing. Apply a moisturizer to help keep your skin hydrated. You may also want to use a serum or oil to target specific concerns, such as fine lines or dark spots. Don't forget to apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water every day.  Add nitric oxide supplement support from Ultimate Beauty, nutritional ingredients formulated for healthy skin and overall wellness. (non-GMO, gluten free and vegan capsulation)

 Start Exercising

What if you’ve never had a consistent fitness routine before, and you don’t know where to start? The LA Girl recommends getting your workouts done first thing in the morning, breaking down your bigger fitness goals into small steps so that you can track your progress towards important milestones, and viewing your fitness routine as part of a lifestyle commitment rather than a passing fad.

 Cook at Home

 When you’re busy, you might have a tendency to order take-out, go out to eat, or reach for frozen foods that are easy to prepare. But cooking hearty, nutritious meals at home can completely transform your overall health. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a skilled chef - but you can start getting more confident in the kitchen today!

 Ask your friends and relatives for a few of their favorite easy, weeknight recipes and start practicing. You can tweak different recipes to suit your tastes and preferences as you refine your skills. To save money on groceries, Bon Appetit recommends planning meals based on ingredients that you already have in your pantry, using a smaller cart or basket at the grocery store to avoid overspending, choosing generic brands, and buying in bulk online.

If you want to shine, you need to start by prioritizing your physical health, making smart choices for your mental health, and getting into the rhythm of a lifestyle that serves you. Tending to your physical appearance first might not get you the results that you’re hoping for - instead, you have to build a strong foundation with healthy habits. With these recommendations, you’ll be able to fulfill your true potential!


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