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Social Cause - Women's Health

Social Cause

The company, Ultimate Beauty Health strives to give back to the communities we serve. Since our mission is to help people feel and look better, our focus begins with women’s health. 


From 1984 – 2014, the largest women’s health prevention study was accomplished.


The following link illustrates thirty achievements since that study:

Women's Health Initiative

In 1991, The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute launched the “Women’s Health Initiative” (WHI) to better understand how cardiovascular, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and osteoporosis affected post-menopausal women.


The key objective was to not only understand the why, but to offer solutions in order to reduce the number of women who developed and passed away from these diseases. 


This study took place over a fifteen-year span with more than 160,000 U.S. women in participation.


“Beauty is from the inside out

P. Alden, Founder

As a new company, looking toward the future, we intend to work towards supporting non-profit organizations that advocate women’s health in a variety of ways. 


The following considerations provide a framework:


  • What will be the overall impact? 
  • How we will measure and evaluate tangible results? 
  • How effective can we deliver action and support?



Why is giving important? 



  • Helping others helps ourselves to feel better
  • Helping others strengthens our values 
  • Helping others empowers us to improve the lives of others



There are a multitude of great causes. Let us hear from you. 


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