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International Congress of Esthetics and Spa

Best nitric oxide supplement for Beauty Market

TruBeauty by Ultimate Beauty Health Launches at International Congress


(Long Beach, California, September 3, 2019) TruBeauty is an innovative new brand of nutritional dietary supplements, with an advanced delivery system for absorption, to promote beauty and health from the inside-out.  The launch takes place at The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa held September 8th- 9th at the Long Beach Convention Center in California.

The company, Ultimate Beauty Health’s flagship product is based on the discovery of the Nitric Oxide Molecule by three Nobel Prize awarded scientists in 1998.   This molecule is often referred to as a “Miracle Molecule” because it enables the trillions of cells in the body to communicate with each other while enhancing blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient uptake. Since its’ discovery, over 60,000 studies, clinicals, and proven research has shown just how important the production of nitric oxide is for living a longer, healthier life.

“Since beauty is directly tied to nutrition and health, we are taking a nutritional approach with Non-GMO, Gluten Free and mostly natural ingredients to support the “Clean Supplement” movement.” states Priscilla Alden, Founder, “We determined that absorption is a big issue for many people with gluten and auto-immune issues, so we wanted to offer an effective and natural option in the medical-beauty supplement space”.

Future (NO) products include support for bone health, collagen production, and skin.  The PRO line up also includes a Hyaluronic Acid supplement.  Many refer to HA as “The Fountain of Youth”.  Alden has defined her brand as a lifestyle choice, for women and men that seek to empower their well-being, because “When we have our health, we truly live a life”

Ultimate Beauty Health is in the business of providing a nutritional approach to overall beauty and health with effective, innovative products based on proven research and scientific evidence.



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